Just to be clear…

I won’t be predicting IPL not Bcoz I am not ‘capable’ off doing it (like a few are saying) in fact I have an 80% accuracy in IPL. THE REASON I AM NOT PREDICTING IS  B’COZ THE FUNDS/DONATIONS DIDN’T COME IN.
Anyway I hope u win in this IPL & Cover up :)

I don’t know why this reaction!

From start I have said that I predict only on the basis of Stats & stats does not even have a 70% working ratio.
Use my predictions only for second opinion.
& I won’t stop my blog even if I have a handful of visitors coz when I read the comments  there r some really good ppl who still support & I will predict for them :)
& In the IPL I know my accuracy won’t be that good but at least I know I give my best & only time will tell what happens till then goodbye folks :)