IPL Match 9:

Sunrisers Hyderabad v Kings XI Punjab

Toss: Kings XI Punjab
Target: If KXIP bats 1st Around 175
              If SRH bats 1st Around 165
Match: Sorry for delay…Today I am getting Equichance… So bet carefully.
Sunrisers Hyderabad may Win

IPL Fantasy league Win 20k cash!

Listen closely…
I am about to start an IPL League where the Entry fee is 3k & if u win u get 20k.
There would be 15 players in the league.
League starts on 26th April.
If all members didn’t join by then u would get a full amt refund.
So u have a realistic chance of winning.
If interested
Contact (Message Only) Sagar Palrecha: 9890888339.

Just to be clear…

I won’t be predicting IPL not Bcoz I am not ‘capable’ off doing it (like a few are saying) in fact I have an 80% accuracy in IPL. THE REASON I AM NOT PREDICTING IS  B’COZ THE FUNDS/DONATIONS DIDN’T COME IN.
Anyway I hope u win in this IPL & Cover up :)